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The Full Story


CEO 360, Inc. (“CEO 360”)  is a for-profit corporation incorporated and existing under the laws of the State of Ohio. We help companies and organizations meet their goals and/or increase revenue by using data driven, tried and true processes that yield results.  


Our company communicates in real-time to make the right decisions that ensure superior performance. CEO 360 uses exceptionally qualified people to develop strategic plans utilizing cutting-edge technologies.  We employ the best teams because the best teams win!

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Superior performance...
high expectations

Success at CEO 360 doesn't happen by accident, we have a proven methodology for achieving it. We have branded it the CEO Business System (“CBS”), and it drives every aspect of our culture and performance. CEO 360 uses CBS to guide what we do, measure how well we execute, and create options for doing even better, including improving CBS itself.

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What is CBS?

In 2017, a CEO 360 client facing intense competition launched an improvement effort based on the Kaizen principles of continuous improvement.  Kaizen is an approach to creating continuous improvement based on the idea that small, ongoing positive changes can reap significant improvements. CEO 360’s methodology is typically based on cooperation and commitment and it stands in contrast to approaches that use radical or top-down changes to achieve transformation. The initiative succeeded beyond anyone's expectations thereby reinforcing the operating client's industry leadership as well as the creation of CBS. 

Fueled by CEO 360's core values. The CBS engine drives the company through a never-ending cycle of change and improvement utilizing phenomenal teams that develop exceptional plans, and implement them using world-class tools to construct continuously evolving processes that result in superior performance.


Exceptional performance and preeminent expectations attract exceptional people, thus continuing the cycle.  CEO 360’s governing principles are simple,  Quality, Delivery, Cost, and Innovation.

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